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Everyone loves those cute jokes, which besides the fact that they make you laugh with all their heart, are also to the delight of the little ones.


All but a smile, the teacher asks Maria on the first day at kindergarten:
– Where do you have, Maria, this hair so beautiful and rich? From your mom or your dad?
– I think from my father that I have noticed that he has no more.


The teacher wrote in the student booklet:
– “Liliana talks too much.”
The father, by signing the observation note, adds:
– “Yes, I know, but if you knew his mother…”


cute jokes


– Mihai, done what I asked you: did you put water on the fish?
– Yeah, Mom, what’s the point? I put them up a week ago, and so far, they seem to have nothing to drink!


On a Sunday, my mother’s father and three cute children decide to go to an amusement park. At a raffle organized by the owners of the park, it happens to win a teddy bear. The father picks up the children and asks:

– Let’s see … who is the most obedient and obedient, who never mocks, who does not come out of the word of the mother?
The children, without dwelling too much on their cute thoughts, respond in chorus:
– Okay, dad, you won. You can take the teddy bear!


– Dads, explain to me what’s “man”?
– Well, how can I tell you, to understand better … a man is a strong man who loves, protects and cares for his family!
– Super! I decided, when I grow up, I want to become a man, as is my cute mother!


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There are lots of cute jokes, and children are part of most of them. If you want to read some cute jokes, you can do it only by following our selection. One that will make you understand, once again, why you like all those cute jokes.


The teacher wants to see the children’s knowledge:
– My dear ones, will you know what it means to be a diplomat?
– Of course, jumps Ionel, from the first bank: to think twice before saying anything!


Q: Why did the farmer get a brown cow?
A: Because he only wanted to make milk with chocolate.


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Cute jokes for her

The child of a true Internet addict asks his father:
– Dad, why are we born with five fingers on our hands if the mouse has only two buttons?


Bula, full of love for his grandmother:
– Grandma, tomorrow we have a meeting with our parents. Can you get there?
– Of course, my dear, only I have a great curiosity. Why do you always call me at the parent meeting?
– Because you do not hear so well, and I can hide your hearing device.


cute jokes for him


Cute jokes for him

The question at a popular radio station:
– My child has a theme in Financial Education. How can I teach my child how much money the state stops with each month?
Answer: Simple: You buy her ice cream, and before you give it to her, eat more than half of it.


– Why don’t the mammal elephants eat?
– Because nobody gave them.


We hope that you have a fun day now that you read this cute jokes.