Easter jokes

Do you know that rabbits don’t make eggs?


Yes, we eat chicken eggs at Easter.


Can you tell me what is the best jokes at easter dinner to say?

Knock, knock…

If you win, knocking the eggs of your opponent means that you have strong balls.


Easter jokes to say to your friends:

Do you know what boys to on Easter day?

They knock, knock their eggs!

How do you recognize an adult easter egg?

Is big!


Funny easter jokes


Why on Easter we have bonnies of chocolate?

It’s just an opportunity to eat more sweets.

easter jokes


Why do we paint Easter eggs?

Because we want to show up our talent.


These are some easter lines. If you know more jokes, write to us.


During Easter, the cock heard people talking about colored eggs. He enters the house, looks at the yellow, green, blue, and red eggs, comes out into the yard and takes him to the peacock.


Two gamers played World of Warcraft on Easter night. One says, “Christ has risen?” The other one asks him in vain: “What level is it?”


Easter jokes for kids

Why does the Easter Bunny nose look at her? Because the powder puff is at the wrong end.


The bunny and wife watched David Copperfield’s show. The magician took dozens of bunnies out of his hat. The bunny looks stunned and tells his wife:

– It was not bad at all, but you know our method is better.

happy easter jokes


A bear at the pharmacy:

– 50 condoms, please.

The two rabbits behind him gave their elbows and laughed at him.


The bear returns, stares at them, returns to the pharmacist and says,

– 52, actually!


One day the Bunny meets Wolf in the forest. Bunny carries the last generation plasma:

– But where do you have, the more rabbits, this plasma that you are more left?!

– Well, I was at Vulpe.

– And?

– Well … she invited me to a coffee … then she got naked and said, “Get the best out of me”.

– And?

– I got plasma too.


easter bunny jokes


Mr. bear says to the rabbit:

– Bunny, you don’t have much to live for anymore!

– It’s not possible! Is there no cure?

– My recommendation is to go to the mud packing salon.

– Thank you! But why do I have to go there?

– Learn with the earth!


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easter happy jokes

Great council in the forest. Leo wanted a steak and made a bank contest.

– My obedient lovers, who say a bank and do not make everyone laugh, will be my steak.

The rabbit comes, says a bank, and the whole forest crumbles to the brim, only the giraffe was serious.

The lion eats the rabbit, then the fox comes.


Easter christian jokes

easter funny jokes

The bank said this, and nobody laughs except the giraffe who was laughing.

– Why are you laughing? The lion asks.

– From the rabbit’s bench.

A bear goes to the pharmacy:

– 50 condoms I would like!

Two rabbits behind him were laughing as they couldn’t stop. The bear turns, looks at them badly, then turns to the pharmacist again and says:

– Actually, I’d like 52!

easter lines


One day, walking through the woods, the rabbit meets the wolf. The rabbit was drawn to a state-of-the-art plasma.

– Where did you get this bunny from this TV? I knew you after.

– Well, I went to the fox

–   And?

– She invited me for a coffee, then she undressed and said, “Get the best from me!”

–  And?

– I also took the TV.