Anti Jokes

Anti jokes, to everyone’s liking This anti-jokes for sure you will don’t like!


– Why don’t the mammal elephants eat?
– Simple, nobody tried to offer them!

-What does Superman say when he reads 1000 anti jokes?
– Look, brother, they brought out a book with 1000 anti jokes.


A good man, with a frog on the crest, enters the doctor’s office. He says nothing, but at one point the frog starts to scream: Doctor, I think I have hemorrhoids!


A dwarf went into a bookstore and asked:
– Do you have a book about irony?
– Of course, yes, the seller replies. It’s on the last shelf, above, the one with the yellow cover.


Best anti-jokes are about to come right now

-What does a white elephant do in the sunlight?
-The Shadow.

anti jokes

-Why does the hammer beater?
– Not to hit the tree head.


-What is the definition of use?
– That thing on which the wrong side is usually the dog.


-What were the red skins used for horse skins?
– Keep their horses in them


A game grumps anti jokes

Why are so black?

Because you can see me better in that color.


Anti jokes to say to your kids

-Who’s black with one leg?
-A black negro.


-What is black, but with two legs?
-A normal black.


-But what is a black with three legs?
-A floor.


Anti dark humor jokes

best anti jokes

On an idyllic summer day, a horse grazed quietly in the field. Suddenly he swallows a butterfly by mistake. Immediately the butterflies begin to fight, shout, give wings, but unfortunately, too late, the horse had already left.


– Why is the red color red?
-To not make noise when you eat it.


-What’s big, it smells awful, and it has 120,000 wings?
– A litter box on which 60,000 flies have settled.


Two polar bears flew wildly through the desert. Suddenly, one falls. The other comforts him:
– There is nothing, well you did not fall into the water!


Find here the best dark humor jokes


– How long is it, blue and walking under the earth?
-A frame in neoprene suit.


Original anti humor

-What is yellow and has black stripes?
-Larry King or a lemon that carries the straps.


The best anti jokes

The best anti jokes are short, with an easy-to-remember message, so it’s no surprise that many people prefer them. If you want to know some of the best anti jokes, all you have to do is read the following lines.


A rope looked in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction:
– Mamaaa, what a sucker I am!


-Bula, do you know why the rhino has horns?
-Because he couldn’t find the bacon anymore.


-What does Tarzan say when he sees a thousand elephants running towards him?
– Look Jane, a thousand elephants run towards me!


– What is green and running through the forest?
– A broccoli escaped from the Zoo.


A hungry wolf was also feeding a sheep, and at one point he stopped. Why?
– Because the road was over and he was no longer in trouble…


-Why is the snail going so slowly?
– To keep his eyes from waving…


Two candies are on the roof. Which is the first?
– The mint.


How do you stop a camel from passing through the needle’s ears?
– Simple. You knot his tail.

funny anti jokes

An flea enters the swirling bar in a bar, orders a double whiskey, turns it on its head, goes upstairs, “takes care” of a flea, then goes out to the balcony and jumps. Land on the belly in the dust:
– Damn it, and my dog ​​ran away…


– Hi, Mom, don’t be scared, please don’t panic, it’s nothing serious, but I’m in the hospital!
– The fans, I have become saturated, you have been a doctor for ten years, do not say this again as many times as you call me out of my mind.


Family doctor to patient:
-I decided to give you a referral to a rheumatologist
-Why? the patient asks. I have eye problems.
-Because I told you to get a certificate from the workplace, but I see that it hurts.


-What is white with black and flying?
– The pigeon pigeon in a bathing suit.


-What is small, yellow and going under the ground?
-I don’t know, I never forgot!


-What is yellow, has 22 legs and two wings?
-China’s national football team.


-What is black in the meadow and it turns?
-A card that competes in throwing the hammer.


-What is black and jumps in one leg in the meadow?
-The same card, but after he dropped his hammer on his leg.


Anti jokes, or dry benches, as they are called, are not liked by many who love to laugh with all their heart. However, they have their charm, and many of the anti-jokes prove to be a good opportunity to start a conversation, or to encourage a little more discussion that has nowhere to go.

This is a list of anti jokes that you can say with humor to your friends. This is a collection of anti semitic jokes and vax.


How to hunt a wild boar? The hunter is hiding in a tree and starts laughing like a penguin.

What should you do to an elephant with digestive problems? You surround it with a fence.

Where’s the king? In the bee hive

Michel had a goat, and the goat had nothing against it.

What are small and black? Seeds.

What are you writing about? With your feet.


If you count yourself among those who appreciate some good anti jokes, then you will adore them. If not, you just need to read these anti jokes and you might become their fan. Anyway, try a few anti jokes that will slightly describe your forehead and make you appreciate this kind of humor.


What a soft pillow you have. What did you do? From my sister-in-law’s extensions.

What do we have today at the table? Barbeque.

Where do you have the window? At the window. What about the glass? At the door.

What a beautiful flower you have. Yes, thank you, I found it at the antique shop.

The guest to a drunk: What do you drink? My late mother-in-law was retiring.

Announcement in the newspaper: Young, beautiful, smart, without defects, good and well paid service, beautiful car, huge house, rich parents and grandparents, just praise me, I do not want anything.


How is the pie made? With ingredients.

How does a student choose their chosen biology? With the microscope.

How does a young woman dream of being elected? With special large pension.

Why does the elephant have a horn? To wash better. Niche anti joke to tell to your friends.

Two sharks fly across the Pacific. At one point one is red, another one is on the right.

The sun is spinning around the Earth. It spins today, it spins tomorrow, it spins over a week, and at one point it gets dizzy.

Can you hear me? Yes. Then go and look for me behind the block.

Why does the rhino have big horns? To hear better.


For a shine in dark read this good anti jokes.


There are 2 birds on one branch: one was hammered, the other was down.

What’s big, red on the inside with the black drops? A watermelon.

What does a peasant say when he sees in the jungle 1000 leopards coming towards him. Look, these cute little cats are coming so fast to me.

You know how to call a man who doesn’t see? With your hand.

Where did little Maria go after the explosion? Everywhere!

Did you get hurt? No, I got on well!


Two bollards walk through the desert. One says to the other: Look, a cactusss …

What is red with green and can reach 50 miles per hour? The frog in a mixer.

Peak hen: Eat chicken breast and keep your bra in your throat.


Why pour a blonde water on the keyboard? To be able to surf the Internet.

Who first beat Trump? The parents

What is the name of a secretary who got pregnant with her boss? Boss-swollen

Did you cut yourself? No, my hair grows backwards!

What is the name of a woman who always knows where her husband is? Widow!

What goes into one ear, comes out the other, but stays in your head? Pickaxe!

What is small, black and knocks on the door?


There were two ways on a hill. One black and one beyond.

The hysterical pig in the store: Do you receive orders? Seller: Of course. The hysterical pig: Down now!

When does a beam catch the maximum speed? In free fall!

What is green, round and climbing the wall? A Tupeist olive.


Mamico, Dad got drunk again! How do you know? Barber mirror in the bathroom!

What is a white line in the desert? Or until dawn. But a black line in the desert? Shadow of the door.

How many times does the rooster sing in the morning? One time, but several lyrics.

Why are soldiers wearing green braces? Not to drop their pants.

Two eagles were sitting on a ledge, and the third was falling.

A policeman was thinking.


German love: I want you cold!

An old man and a babysitter died as a young man.

Even if I were logarithmic, I wouldn’t leave you at your base.

My neighbor has two girls. One is very beautiful and the other is a physics student.


Anti vax jokes

There are anti jokes about anything! There is no area untouched by those who love to laugh out loud. Yes, there is even a special category of funny jokes. But the truth is that these funny jokes have a special humor, which only true connoisseurs can appreciate.

-What happened to Bac this year?
-All high school…

A student, dissatisfied, tries to get a higher grade:
– Professor, why did you give me 4?
– Two points are ex officio; I gave you a point because you came to the exam, and the last one because you tried to answer something.
– Professor, but couldn’t you give me another point so that I can leave the exam and not see me again in the autumn?

The child returns from the first day of school and tells the parents:
– That’s it! I’m not going to school anymore!
The parents, surprised, ask: – Why?
To which the child answers: – I don’t know how to write! I don’t know how to read! And I don’t even allow you to talk and show them how to do it!

If you want to try some of them, we have for you some of the best jokes without humor, or anti-jokes if you prefer.

-Ask me if I’m an apple.
– Are you a sea?
– Are you kidding me? Can’t you see I’m a man? Ha, ha what an anti joke…

-Why does Michael J. Fox make the best milkshake?
-No, not because he has Parkinson’s, but because he uses the best ingredients.

-What is the name of a black man who arrived on the moon?
-What’s his name? Astronaut.

– What is red and smells like green paint?
-A box with red paint.

A gorilla enters a bar and asks for a banana martini. The bartender finds this a bit strange and realizes that he is actually dreaming. He wakes up and begins to tell his wife what a ridiculous dream he had. His wife ignores him and continues to read the page with no anti jokes from the newspaper. The man returns and starts crying because their marriage is in full swing.

A guy confesses in a bar: -I still remember my grandfather’s words before he turned the corner. He said, “Hey, how fast do you think I’m going to turn the corner?”

One day, a policeman stopped a group of gypsies who were in a car. What do you think they were doing? They all went to work in the same car to save gas.

-What is red and seriously damages the teeth?
-The brick.

-What do you call a black man flying a plane?
-A pilot, what were you thinking?

-Listen Bula, do you know why the dinosaur couldn’t break the brick wall?
-I have no idea!
-Offf, I don’t know either, that’s why I’m asking you.

In antiquity, Aristotle stood staring blankly and meditated deeply: What do you get when you combine a joke with a rhetorical question?

– Why did your grandmother put rollers on her walking frame?
-Because he suffers from dementia.