Anti Jokes

Anti jokes, to everyone’s liking This anti-jokes for sure you will don’t like!


– Why don’t the mammal elephants eat?
– Simple, nobody tried to offer them!

-What does Superman say when he reads 1000 anti jokes?
– Look, brother, they brought out a book with 1000 anti jokes.


A good man, with a frog on the crest, enters the doctor’s office. He says nothing, but at one point the frog starts to scream: Doctor, I think I have hemorrhoids!


A dwarf went into a bookstore and asked:
– Do you have a book about irony?
– Of course, yes, the seller replies. It’s on the last shelf, above, the one with the yellow cover.


Best anti-jokes are about to come right now

-What does a white elephant do in the sunlight?
-The Shadow.


-Why does the hammer beater?
– Not to hit the tree head.


-What is the definition of use?
– That thing on which the wrong side is usually the dog.


-What were the red skins used for horse skins?
– Keep their horses in them


A game grumps anti jokes

Why are so black?

Because you can see me better in that color.


Anti jokes to say to your kids

-Who’s black with one leg?
-A black negro.


-What is black, but with two legs?
-A normal black.


-But what is a black with three legs?
-A floor.


Anti dark humor joke

On an idyllic summer day, a horse grazed quietly in the field. Suddenly he swallows a butterfly by mistake. Immediately the butterflies begin to fight, shout, give wings, but unfortunately, too late, the horse had already left.