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In a village, the deputy mayor dies. The town hall organizes a lavish burial, all the councilors come to lead him on the last road, crying with “bitter tears.” Great grief, pain, all the silence. On leaving the cemetery, Ion, one of those who always challenged him, approaches his mayor and whispers in his ear:
– Boss, can I take his place now?
– Sure, John, just hurry up to the pit stop!

Dad jokes Reddit popular:

Dad, can you buy me a toy?

Yes, Santa will give you one.

But dad, we are only in February.

So, if you are good in December will bring you one toy.

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Two friends have not been seen since finishing high school:
-Hello, Andrei! God, since we haven’t seen each other before? I found out you finished medicine?
-Yes, I’m licensed!
– Then I understood that you did the right thing too?
-Yes, and I want to do my master’s degree in Cambridge.
-Excellent, bravo there! Until then, weigh me about 2 pounds of onion!


Offensive jokes reddit


offensive reddit jokes

A dark hair man tells a blonde:

You have big eyes

Yes, because in that way I can see your jewelry better


A rope looked in the mirror and smiled happily:
-Brother, what a sucker I am! This is good Reddit jokes!


The ball comes to school and is full of scratches. Frightened, the invader asks him:
-Well, Bula, what happened to you?
– It was Christmas, and I did the hour around the fir tree!
– And why so many scratches?
-I was just my mother!


Dark jokes reddit

A ham sandwich goes into a bar, sits on the chair, and orders:
-Barman, a cold beer, please.
-I’m sorry. We don’t serve food in our room!


Before declaring war on the Dacians, Traian attempts to resolve Dacia’s conquest amicably. Make a visit here, then meet Decebal and his subjects.
-I love your country very much, but the roads are terrible. I can help you. I have skilled people who can build the best roads, you will increase trade and tourism, everyone will want to visit. Besides, it does not cost too much, because an Apollodor type owes me last time. What do you say?
– I don’t know…


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-How do you catch a rabbit?
– You hide behind a tree, read a Reddit joke as you wait, and then make the carrot.


Dirty Reddit jokes easy to understand

A man comes to a bar in dirty clothes and meets his woman in the arms of another man, and she says:

Go home and clean your clothes right now!

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Two foreigners arrive in Canada:
-More, when you see what’s in the country at least one of these Reddit jokes, you can’t do anymore!


Americans first arrive on the Moon. They get off the shuttle, give the flag to inflict, make the stage with “a small step for the man”, the whole scenario, but suddenly I see in front of the eyes shepherd support in his robe.
-Is this dark Reddit jokes? What are you doing here? What did you come up with?
-With cheese and meat.


Clean jokes from reddit

How do you clean your reddit account?

You delete all the comments.


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