Short Jokes

Short jokes, but with guaranteed effect


– Radule, where did you go, that I haven’t seen you in a while?
– I was in a clinic where you cut your smoking stick.
– Well I see you smoke!
– Yes, but no appetite.


Short clean joke

Two women “discuss” with each other:
– Tell your son not to imitate me anymore!
– Razvan, don’t do that idiot anymore!


How a short people tell a joke to his tall friend:

How is the weather there?


– Do you know that my brother has been riding a bicycle for 4 years?
– Fantastically, it means that it has already gone far…


Somewhere in the country … At night at three o’clock there is a beating in the window:
– Hey, haven’t you seen a herd of oxen?
– Why? Did you stay behind?


Funny short joke:

Why a man love an woman?

Beacuse he need her in his life!


Child: Dad, why did you marry your mother?
The husband turns to his wife and tells him smiling “sweet”:
– See? Even the child is surprised!


Short funny jokes

What the wife says:
– The people must be a little nicer than the monkey!
What does the husband say:
– The people must be a little more beautiful than the monkey he lives with!


A guy tells his friend, in a glass of words: “This morning my mother-in-law came to us. When I opened the door, he asked: “Can I stay here for a few days?” “Of course you can, stay as you want, I answered and closed the door.”


My mother-in-law called me last night from a panic outside:
– Dear ginere, I do not know what to do, the current has fallen and from the kitchen comes a strong smell of gas!
– Calm down, light a candle and go into the kitchen, so I’m on the phone telling you what the situation is.