Short Jokes

Short jokes, but with guaranteed effect


– Radule, where did you go, that I haven’t seen you in a while?
– I was in a clinic where you cut your smoking stick.
– Well I see you smoke!
– Yes, but no appetite.


Short funny jokes


Two women “discuss” with each other:
– Tell your son not to imitate me anymore!
– Razvan, don’t do that idiot anymore!


How a short people tell a joke to his tall friend:

How is the weather there?

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– Do you know that my brother has been riding a bicycle for 4 years?
– Fantastically, it means that it has already gone far…


Short clean joke

Somewhere in the country … At night at three o’clock there is a beating in the window:
– Hey, haven’t you seen a herd of oxen?
– Why? Did you stay behind?


Funny short jokes for kids

Why a man love an woman?

Beacuse he need her in his life!


Child: Dad, why did you marry your mother?
The husband turns to his wife and tells him smiling “sweet”:
– See? Even the child is surprised!

funny short jokes

What the wife says:
– The people must be a little nicer than the monkey!
What does the husband say:
– The people must be a little more beautiful than the monkey he lives with!


A guy tells his friend, in a glass of words: “This morning my mother-in-law came to us. When I opened the door, he asked: “Can I stay here for a few days?” “Of course you can, stay as you want, I answered and closed the door.”


My mother-in-law called me last night from a panic outside:
– Dear ginere, I do not know what to do, the current has fallen and from the kitchen comes a strong smell of gas!
– Calm down, light a candle and go into the kitchen, so I’m on the phone telling you what the situation is.


A short people student tries to grab a colleague:
– Dear, what were you looking for in my dream last night?
– Probably where to get out of there!


An enthusiastic young student who just got his license as an installer went to see the Niagara waterfall. He studied it for a minute, then said:
– I think I can fix it!


Short dirty joke to tell to your friend

A beet lies in the middle of the road, with torn clothes, with a body full of bruises and blood:
– Lord God, what have you suffered? A passerby asks. Let’s help you, I’ll take you home.
– God, no! From there I come!


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A couple of newlyweds were leaving the church. Two boys stood on the steps and looked at them as they licked an ice cream. One asks the other:
– You wanna scare them?
– Yes!
So the boy runs to the sea and cries:
– Tadaaaaaa!


Why short people are small?

Because ther are big in other parts

short jokes for kids


This is an short jokes for adults and we recommend to read twice in order to understand.

The psychologist:
– To release yourself from resentment, write a letter to the person who annoyed you and then fire.
– Ok. And do I post the letter after that?


Hilarious short jokes for any person

I make body building and I try to be bigger, but I am bigger only at belly


A woman tell to her man

  • I love you dear!
  • Reply: Me too…

This are some short jokes used by comediants at stand up shows.


Not all banks have to be long to make the world laugh. On the contrary, much appreciated, those short jokes are more effective. Everyone knows a few short jokes, with which you can animate a discussion that starts, or you can “break the ice”. This is a collection of short puns.


The best short jokes appear spontaneously, in a simple discussion, because then they will enter into “immortality”. Many short jokes are used today as words of the spirit, and few are considered to be a true “short joke product machine”. We also have some short jokes, but with guaranteed effect: laughter. Also, we expect some funny short jokes from you, but some memorable ones.