Smooth pick up lines

You know, actually, I’m not that tall. I got on my wallet.

And how was heaven when you left him?


Are you religious? Because you are the answer to all my prayers.

Hear, did I see you on the cover of Vogue?


smooth lines


You have more curves than a racing car.


Hello, I have a condom and unfortunately expire in two hours. How about, would we take advantage of it?

I would not want to be Blunt, but You’re Beautiful.


How is it to be the most beautiful girl in this building?


Really smooth pick up lines

smooth pick up lines for girls


Did it hurt you when you fell from heaven and come to me?

Do you believe in sex at your first date?


Hey, sweetheart, let’s make more kids than we can.

Are you busy tonight at 3:00 AM?

James I am now!

smooth pick up lines for her


I only have three months to live, so you’re honoring me with your company?

If you were a book I would like to read you every evening and enjoy every page of you.


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If you were a criminal I would arrest you and lock you up in my house for the rest of your life and I would force you to love me until deep in old age.


smooth pick up lines


I do not believe in coincidences or destiny, but I do not know how it is possible for you to be the girl I dreamed of last night and whom I married in a dream.


Do you think if I ask for your phone number and the chance to go out for coffee is too much?


If I told you I wanted to go out for coffee and tell you, would you agree?


smooth pick up lines


Smooth pick up lines for her or him

My mother has always told me to look for a strong, thoughtful, beautiful, tall, blond woman with a beautiful and big smile, and you fulfill all the things that my mother wants from the future daughter-in-law.

What are you doing here at this hour on the bank, when you should be with me for a juice?


If I told you I’m an alpha and you’re a beta, do you think we can be part of the same family?


best smooth pick up lines


-Who forms a Lion and a Lioness?

-A couple?!

-Exactly, something we can form.


Short smooth pick up lines

Do you think that if I could fly, I would go into space to bring you a star to offer you?


I don’t know if you are alone, but I would really like to be closer to you. Can you tell me if there is a house or apartment for rent near you?