Cute pick up lines

  1. You stole my heart, but it’s nothing, I have another in the fridge, at home.


  1. I’m not drunk, but you just made me dizzy.


  1. Will you kiss me, or do I have to lie in the diary?


  1. Can I get you something to drink or give you the money?
  1. Can you give me directions to your heart?


  1. Hello! I make more money than you can spend

cute pick up lines

  1. You might go to the cradle because the other girls are envious of your beauty.


  1. Excuse me … I noticed you did not notice me!


  1. I’m new here, can you help me get into your house?


  1. I am a thief and I will be heartbreaking!


  1. Your father is a terrorist because you are a bomb.

cute pick up lines girls

  1. I followed you home. Are you going to keep me?


  1. You have to be tired because you’ve been through my mind all day.


  1. I have to marry someone, not to expel me.


  1. I have to call Heaven and say that they have lost an angel.


Cute pick up lines for him or her


Hi, I would like to invite you to dance, but I am quite worried about what will happen. Most likely we will get along very well, we will drink a few glasses of wine and you will give me your number because I am too shy to ask.


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After a few days, I will call you to go to a movie, then to dinner and get to spend a lot of time together. In the end, we will get married, everything will be fine until we feel brave and look for a way out.


Due to extramarital affairs, we will get to divorce. The child we will have until then will be the one that will suffer the most. Think of the baby! Wouldn’t it be better to invite you to dance and to just have sex without obligations?


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Cute pick up lines for guys

I bet $ 100 that you will refuse me and that you will not go out with me!

Be different from the rest of the women, be unique, say yes, and then come with me to church to unite our destinies!


Cute pick up lines for girls

In vain, do you try to ignore me and not talk to me because I know you want me!

I found this ring here. Is yours? If it is not, I would like to give it to you anyway.

I like your pants a lot. Do you think I have a chance to get you down?