23 Jul

The use and perception of the most stylistic devices requires a person who has a good knowledge of the language and a certain level of education. But there is also such a stylistic device for perception, and especially whose use requires erudition and ingenuity. These word games are a phenomenon existing in all European languages. Examples of pieces can be found in abundance in Shakespeare, in world literature, in poetry poems of the nineteenth century.

A word game based on ambiguity has generated deliberate or involuntary homonymy or sound similarity and causes the comic effect. At the same time, to make an impression, word games must be unknown in word games. It’s a special case of word games.

Despite the simplicity of the joke, she, dressed in a play of words, often acquires a touch of light irony with elements of philosophy. By grasping and understanding the game, it’s sometimes hard to tell why it was so funny. The point is that the game, from the point of view of linguistics, is a very complicated mechanism. The necessary elements of the word game mechanism are whole linguistic phenomena (homonymy, paronymia, polysemy). And, knowing the composition of a particular word, it is very difficult to analyze it. It is often difficult to determine the boundaries of a word game.

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21 Jul

If you draw a collective portrait of our compatriots, relying on jokes, the image will prove ugly: dissidence, sadism, anti-semit, etc. But we are not afraid of this, but we are amused. Why do people say jokes? The answer is quite philosophical. A joke teaches us something and very simple things. And do not make it boring. About the first preachers did the same. Through a short and funny story, religious wisdom was transmitted more quickly and better.

To say a joke, it took some civic courage. And this courage unanimously revealed the whole of mankind. If at that moment someone had the idea of ​​doing something like a bargaining code of conduct for a man, regardless of the nation, the second element would include an honorable duty to say jokes. And the first place would be to believe in the ideals of the happenings.

For example, communism has fallen, but jokes have remained. The joke has had a very strong impact on the speech culture during the communist era. Even the usual conversation between people was often a joke, so it was not clear whether a person joked or talked seriously. The joke can receive classic quote status, worthy of daily use.

19 Jul

The jokes about overweight people are brilliant. Because there are so many people who want to lose weight and fail to do anything about it, these people are teased with jokes that are funny.

We are confident that fat people get angry at jokes, but this will never stop.


Your mother is so fat that she laughs with her lipstick.


Your mother is so fat that when he got on the scale he said, “Please, one by one!”


A fat boy goes into a fitness hall and asks the coach:

What is the best device to impress a girl?

Coach: – ATM.


– What month to marry, October or November?

– November, obviously!

– Why?

– You’re winning a month.


Two trainers discuss:

– Twenty years on end I dealt with the training of fleas. Now I went to the elephants.

– Why?

– I have a little trouble with my eyes


The psychiatrist draws a triangle and asks the patient:

– What does this drawing suggest?

– Empty women!

Then draw a circle:

– But what does that figure suggest?

– Empty women!

Draw a square:

– But this?

– Empty women!

– I see you have a fixed idea with naked women!

– I have a fixed idea? Who drew all these obscenities ?!

19 Jul

Pick up lines have been used for a very long time, practically ever since the world, and they are part of the easiest way to hang a girl and convince her to say yes. Sometimes things make sense especially second time. People change, you change, and the universe is changing, and if we only keep up with the first chances, we will really lose some of the most beautiful moments and things in life.

Here are some of the most funny, successful pick up lines:

• Are you a magician? Because you make my heart beat again.

• I am not a photographer, but I can see that we already have a good time

• I know you? Yes, I was waiter at the restaurant where you eat.

• I find my heart! Where? At you!

• Are you sure that you want to be with me? Not really…

• Is there an airport nearby I want to be close to you

• There is only one thing I want to share about you, and this is your family name.

• Do you believe in love at first glance or do I have to go again?


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17 Jul

Diets are a taboo topic for those who want to lose weight,

it is all the more fun that there are many people starting certain diets,

but they do not manage to get them done because they are tempted to eat sweets or consume juices.

On the expense of dieters there are a lot of jokes that are delicious.



At school:

-What are the vegetarians, children?

Billy: Vegetarians are people who do not eat the animals but leave them without food.


2 friends said:

– Since I moved with my girlfriend, we’ve both decided to do the shopping one at a time. One day she, one day I, one day she, one day I … and so on.

– Cool. And what’s the difference?

– Well, one day we eat, one day we drink, one day we eat, one day we drink …


I was last night at a vegetarian restaurant, and before I leave I ask the waiter:

– How was the table, sir?

“Wonderful …” I replied. My Compliments to the gardener.

15 Jul

Dark humor is unique in its style. If we normally hear funny jokes that do not offend anyone, black humor has sadistic, exaggerated jokes and can cause you a bad state.

Black humor is not for everyone, but it is funny but also shocking at the same time.


The director of a cemetery calls a representative of a motorcycle company:

– How many motorcycles have you sold in the last week?

– Five pieces.

– It means one is still walking …


Honeymoon ends, young wife complains to her mother:

– Mom, I already had the first serious family quarrel.

– Do not worry, my dear, this happens in any marriage.

– Yes mother, what about the body?


– What would Michael Jackson do now if he was alive?

– He would make a big hole to get out of the coffin.

14 Jul

Chuck Norris is an action actor, and he has become a symbol in the world of cinema.

Being a lot of movies in which he has the lead role and in which he is the good boy and beating the bad guys on his own, Chuck Norris has become a subject for everyone’s jokes.

He created an image of an invincible man, which can also be seen from the following jokes:

Chuck Norris once hit a bearded horse. The descendants of that horse are now called giraffes.


Chuck Norris regularly donates blood to the red cross, but never his blood.


Chuck Norris once burned a forest when he experimented with water.


When Chuck Norris makes flotations, he does not get up, he pushes the ground down.


Chuck Norris is known for his modesty, but he admits it is the 8th wonder of the world.


A stone can crack in 2 or more. Chuck Norris was the only one who cracked 2 stones in one.


Chuck Norris beat Superman. It’s not known who won, but the loser had to wear the panties over the pants.


Chuck Norris drowned a fish under water.

12 Jul

Animals in jokes are representations of different types of people. Animal jokes are different from what people have in their hearts, because the human brain indirectly links the animal and its characteristics.

If you have not read too many animal jokes, it’s time to discover their beauty:


A goat to a cat:

– You cats why do you hide when you have sex?

– For people not to use our style. Yours already copied it.


A guy sells the dog. The buyer asks:

– Healthy?

– Healthy!

– Smart?

– Smart!

– Faithful to the master?

– Most faithfully – for the fifth time I sell it.


Two ostriches at a discussion.

– Do you know why we put our heads in the sand?

– I do not know why you do it, but I’m looking for oil!


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06 Jul

We all were in this situation, we liked it very much and we wanted the feeling to be mutual, it is normal, we want our feelings to be reciprocal. The easiest way to make love is to be yourself, if you are yourself then you are original, otherwise you are just a guy like any other who wants to look what is not.

Looks like you’re a guy with confidence in you and you can give him special moments. She does not give her a special interest in the first because she will lose her interest in you.

Let her know you step by step, do not tell him all about you, it envelops everything in a mystery. We recommend that the girl you love to know better, you may find things you do not really like about her, or show him that you really care who she is and not necessarily her physique :).

Smile and invite her to the coffee and find out who she is, give her real interest and be fun. Women associate men who say good jokes with intelligence. The best hooks you can find here if you stay without words :).

We hope that this information has been of use to you and you are doing what you love to love!

10 May

Not all people have the sense of humor, but that does not mean that it can not be developed or appropriated.

To develop your sense of humor, you need to be attentive to the people who are already doing this, who are joking, who are positive and funny.

Analyze the behavior of these fun people and try to do the same, and after a while you will notice that you have won without realizing the talent to joke. In the meantime the sense of humor will grow and develop.

Any talent can be cultivated and the ability to joke can develop.

You have to be careful when you say jokes. They must always be said at the right time and in a certain way. Pay attention to the typology of the people you say jokes about, because not everyone has a sense of humor developed and it is possible not to amuse at all.

To be funny you should say jokes instantly to produce smiles. Be original, dare, be spiritual, and try to make everyone understand.

A positive attitude towards life is the perfect key to developing your sense of humor.

Also, have the ability to laugh at the jokes of others, as well as the comic situations you sometimes find yourself in. You have to be optimistic, laugh, believe everything will be good in the future and you will succeed.

The sense of humor develops through education and an associative thinking that will make you able to find the most appropriate words when you want to say a joke.

Change your way of thinking and attitude so you can inspire a good will of everyone without beginning to tell them jokes.