08 May

Laughing daily is one of the most important drugs for any problem. It is scientifically proven that it is better to laugh than to cry. You probably know this, but I must remind you that an increased dose of endorphins in the body makes us more beautiful, healthier and smarter.

So you could deliberately to introduce into your program 15 minutes a day to laugh.

To be a source of amusement for you and for those around you, it’s important to get the 5 basic principles needed to say a joke.

You do not need to write and repeat the jokes you hear or memorize, but you can instantly invent new jokes to which everyone will surely react if you respect the five principles:

– Unexpected ending

– Nonsense

– The word game

– Irony

– Exaggerating

We must not forget that jokes should be good and be said at the right time. I have to admit I’ve heard jokes in the most inappropriate moments, but I can not say I did not laugh.

Keep a balance so that the jokes you say do not hurt others, or even ruin your image in a very serious way.

Follow the 5 principles and do not forget to be natural and find those funny elements in every situation. In this way, you can move on and you will have the right mood, and what is most important, you will succeed in making others laugh.

Appreciate every smile and every moment of joy, because they will change the way of thinking.

Do not forget to smile daily!


23 Mar

For every men or woman thinghs that make their happy are different, but are a few simple things that you can apply today in order to be happy! Happiness is not buyed every time with money, thrully happiness comes from you, not from external sources. So, let’s start activities that can make us happy:


  1. Make sport

In this way you eliberate from stress and relaxate. You can run in the park, go to gym or even in your home you can make gymnastic 20 minutes and you will feel fresh!


  1. Eat yellow fructs

Is a scientific proof that yellow fructs contain vitamins that can contribute to a our happiness. Check your fridge and eat some painapple, mango or bananans. If you don’t have, just go to closest store.


  1. Read jokes

It’s incredible how you can read a few jokes at your PC or on mobile and start laugh. We suggest to check out our jokes and have fun.


  1. Call an old friend

A friend is a friend at need, you can make also him happy by asking him simple: “How are you?” and after that you can meet with him at a walk in park or a juice in mall.


  1. Read a good book

Take a book from your desk at start reading. In this way you get new information and forget your worries.


  1. Provoke your self

Yes, this a way to start make objectives that can make you more motivate. Just read in a agenda or on a paper 10 major objectives that you want to do this year. A major challenge will keep you in a good state of mind, because you must work every day in order to fulfill.


  1. Make new friends

You can just open Facebook or other Social Media channel and start add friends and chat with them about everything. In online environment is really simple to talk with new peoples.


  1. Make a trip

Go to mountain, sea in your country or other country, visit museum, a good restaurant, old center and other places. In this way you will discover new ways to feel good outside the house.


If you know other ways to have a happy day, just comment bellow. 🙂