Fart Jokes

Jokes about the fart, to give you airs!


Some of the most successful jokes though said more between friends, and not at a company party, for example, are those fart jokes.


Q: Why do the Oltenians eat a lot of beans?
A: That’s how Iancu Jianu taught them to give them air.


Two Jewish pries, It and Micheal, want to have a lot of fun before the first one gets married. Said and done: they went to the city, and here they jumped the horse, they ate at the restaurants noon, they worked with other girls, they blew wind near the synagogue.


On his return, a “benevolent man” betrayed the rabbi, who also decided the sentence: eight days to walk with beans in shoes.


On the fourth day of the sentence, the two meet in front of Abram’s grocer; while It blasted badly at everything, Strul was walking, as if nothing had happened. And then asked him:


fart jokes

-What are you doing, Micheal? You didn’t dare to obey the order of the rabbi?
-You can be sure I respect him, but he did not forbid us to boil the beans!


Funny Fart Jokes

Yes, there are fart jokes, and they are hilarious. If you don’t know any, we offer you a selection of fart jokes. Did you know others?


In the classroom, Bula shoots a wind, as noisy, as odorous. Angered at the peaks, the teacher tells her:
– Get out of class unassuming !!!
The ball goes down the corridor, stays what it is, and starts laughing. Surprised by what they heard, the school principal comes out of the office and comes down the corridor and asks Bula questions:

– Why are you laughing so hard, Bula?
– Well, how can I not laugh, Mr. Director! I pulled apart in the class, and the teacher kicked me out of the class. So I sit in the fresh air while they smell. This is a fart pun.

funny fart jokes

Mary and Ion
– John, John, sleep longer?
-Yes, what do you want, because I’m tired of fatigue after all day at the camp?
-Oh, John, well. There’s a damn wind, too, so badly your feet can. The dog ran to the neighbors for their smell fart jokes.


Best fart jokes


Nowadays, a guy sounds beloved:
– Love, see that about 14 days, I do not go home.
– But what happened? You did something?
– Oh, no, nothing, just that I coughed in the bus to cover the sound of a wind that I fired and they put me directly into the quarantine because this was a fart joke.

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On an official visit to the United Kingdom, Ceausescu is invited by the Queen of England for a carriage ride. In the street, next to them is the translator, which helps them to understand better.


So … all good and beautiful. At one point, the horse that pulled the sling pulled a noisy wind, but so odorous that it bit your hair in the nose.
The Queen, well-bred, is trying to apologize, obviously in English. Soon, the translator translates to Bill Clinton what the queen said.

Flatulence’s a joke when you give it to your friends.

To which Bill Clinton responds:
– “Aaa, no problem, I thought the queen dragged her!