Funny tongue twisters

I saw Petter eating peppers on a paper

He picked a new spicy pepper and throw some piper and eat again.


Melisa sees the ocean,

Melisa seed a flower on the beach,

Melisa see how to flower grow


Can you bring the scanner and a can to my desk?

joke tongue twisters


Robert run on the park and see the ruins.


Funny tongue twisters for kids

Luka have Luck.
He likes to go to lake.
Lucky Luka have the house close to lake.

Wayne went to Fales to watch an scene of war


Pirates Pick Public Property from Paul

So this is the sushi chef.

Stupid superstition!

How much would a woodchuck play if a woodchuck could play wood?

Lesser skin has not withstood wetter weather.

A smart colleague, he felt smart. Two intelligent siblings, they felt smart. Three clever fellows, they felt clever. And so on

Clean stuffed shells in clean boxes.

tongue twisters



Six sticky skeletons.

Which witch is she?

Four angry friends fought over the phone.

Six thin snails were sailing in silence.

Dude, dude, we’re all screaming for ice cream.


What the famous Cicero demanded, moaning to the degenerate geniuses, was not accepted by Caesar and the crowd of ingenious citizens quarreling with the demands of the central circles.


funny tongue twisters


Best tongue twisters

Large Greek grape growers grow large Greek grapes.

Throw three balls.

Sally sang songs on the sunken sand.

He threw three free throws.


tongue twister


A tongue tell to a nose a tongue twister:

Nose, why are you make noise when you sneeze?

Because, my nose is like a noos of a car when I sneeze


Betty Roller bought butter from magazine

But she want the drink a bit of beer

So, he gone again to magazin to buy a beer bitter

Better then butter on toast



tongue twisters


Black goat in stone treads,

How he tramples her on all fours!

Crack the goat’s head in four,

How the stone cracked in four!

The black goat steps on the clinker.


Until he bricked the brick on the brick, he bricked the brick on the brick just as the bricklayer wanted the brick to brick on the brick.




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