Pixie and Brutus

Jokes with Pixie and Brutus, to everyone’s liking


Have you heard of Pixie and Brutus? They are the protagonists of a 2018 webcomic made by Ben Hed. The main characters are Pixie, a sweet and energetic kitten, which meets the new pet, Brutus, a German shepherd who has military experience. Brutus quickly takes Pixie under his protection. The two develop a special bond, which you can discover in the lines below.


What’s small, sitting in a tree and meowing?
What is small, sitting at the root of the tree and doing “ham-ham”?
-It’s still Pixie! He fell from the tree and is now believed to be Brutus.


One day, John decides to pay a visit to his friend, Lou. Arriving at his house, he sees a large plaque at the gate: “Bad dog! Enter at your own risk! You still have time to change your mind!”
Slightly intimidated, he enters the yard of the dog, no trace. At the door of the house, he sees another sign: “Bad dog! If you care about life, stop now!”
Frightened, he decides not to give up, opens the door slightly, and walks down the hall, where Lou greets him.
In one corner, a kitten.
– Hi, Lou! But what about all these warnings that I see that the big dog is just a kitten. What’s up with this?
“It’s bad, it’s awful,” Brutus called him, “but I had to take him to the vet, and Pixie said you’d take his place.”


Brutus’ master decides to sell him. So try to convince the customer:
– I guarantee you that this dog is very loyal. I sold it three times, and it came back three times.


– What is the resemblance between Pixie and Brutus and an engineer?
– All three have intelligent eyes, but none can express themselves.


On the terrace of a cafe, a strange scene has been going on for some time: a man and a dog face each other, with a chessboard between them, while a cat is watching the game closely. Surprised, a guy asks:
– How does your dog really know how to play chess?
– Well, he knows! It’s the fourth game he’s lost today!


Two friends meet on the street, after many years. They hug happily and begin to unravel about their men.
“Do you hear, darling, that yours still drinks so much?”
– No, I unleashed it easily.
– How did you do it? Give me the recipe too.
– Well, I took Pixie, filled the tub with wine, and put her inside. When he got home, he stroked Brutus, hugged me because he saw his dream come true, went into the tub, drank all the wine, and when he found Pixie… he fainted.


– Why is Brutus spinning behind his tail?
– Try to make the two ends meet.


Pixie is trampled by a car. Next to her sits Brutus, who starts screaming. Miraculously, Pixie peels off the asphalt, straightens his back and legs, shakes and says:
-Feel, another life!


Pixie and Brutus were playing in the yard. Suddenly, Brutus accidentally swallows a butterfly. Feeling the danger, he begins to struggle, to shout, to shake hands and feet. But too late, Brutus was already gone.


– How does Pixie and Brutus hunt a rabbit?
– Easy. Pixie hides in a bush and acts like a cabbage, and Brutus acts like a rifle.