Teacher Jokes

A math teacher complains to his colleague: This new class I have is terror. They make jokes with teachers all day, even though they are a bunch of idiots. I explain Pythagoras’ theorem once, twice, I get to understand it, and they still do not understand it!


Question of parents’ associations to the Government:
– How is the accent correctly, professor or professor?
The Government’s response came promptly:
– There is no emphasis on the teacher.


Funny teacher jokes


-Why are not those jokes with teachers?
– Because they are not jokes, but real facts.


“I’m the only one working in this class,” says the math teacher, flipping through the department catalog.
– Because you are the only one receiving the salary.


An English teacher tells a joke to the class.

Take out a paper and write.

“Test of control.”


teacher jokes


The dad, a great university professor, discusses with his daughter, a student in high school:
– Do you smell smoke, and have you smoked?
The girl responds to him: – Do you smell money, and did you take the string?


Dirty teacher jokes

At a law exam, a student as a top model comes to the exam, and looking at the teacher, she says softly.
– Professor! I am ready for anyone just to take the passing grade!
– Anything?
– Any!
– Good. Then go and learn.


– I found out you received a 4 from the physics teacher!
– That’s right, daddy, he was so upset that I was ashamed to refuse him!


In the Stone Age, students are in the cave for an exam. At one point, an owl is heard, then a loud scream.
-Neandertal 1, why are you screaming?
-I dropped my skirt on my feet


A math teacher walks into a photoshop and says:
– I would like to develop these films for me.
– 117. But why ask?


funny teacher jokes



At the hour of anatomy.
– Bula, which muscles are put into action if I do boxing? the teacher asks.
-My facial ones, because I would laugh more than at the best jokes with teachers!

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– George, how did you manage to get no spelling mistakes in your homework in the last week?
– Dad’s gone to the delegation!

– Bula, if you plan to learn as weak as before, then your dad will grow white hair!
– I think dad will be most grateful because he’s bald.’


Best teacher jokes

Math teacher joke: Clean the table and write “exam”


best teacher jokes


-Mr teacher, do you know how many toothpastes are in a tube?
– I do not know
-I know, from the chair to the first bank.

Bula’s dad called the neighbor from 4:
– Have you already done math homework for your son?
– Yes.
– Give me a copy!


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