Black Jokes

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A reporter interviews Ray Charles:
– How do you reconcile with being blind?
– It doesn’t bother me, that’s how I was born, but I’m not black!


The head of a tribe goes to studies in England. Returning to his African village, he takes the wizards aside and tells them:
-You are dusty, you should go to London, because there are some great wizards! Imagine 22 colorful people meet on a large field and run like crazy after a leather ball. Yes, great! It doesn’t even take 10 minutes, and it starts to rain.


In a small town in Alabama, a black man lies on the street, sifted by 40 bullets and two knives in the back. The sheriff stands next to him and says:
– Oh my God, such a horrible suicide I have never seen…



A man comes home and finds his wife with black people in bed. The nervous man tells his wife:
– Now I saw black on white that you are deceiving me!


Best black jokes

Two blacks, dad and son:
– What happened, son?
– We don’t have water anymore!
– And now you pray to the gods and ask for rain?
– Nonsense, I call the installer!


One day white people go to a black bar. He didn’t even get in the door and a black man asked:
– What happened to me? And you chose the house?


Q: How do you get a black tree down?
A: Tai the leash.


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Racist jokes about black people with a funny moment.

One man, at one point, received the news that he would be a father. Happy need, in the first three months, he thought: “Please, God, be a boy!” In the next three months, he spent the prayer: “Please, God, be mine.” The last three months have been the hardest: “Please, Lord, whatever, just don’t be black.”


– Tonight, for the first time in my life, a black man gave me his love, said a blonde to his friend.
– And how did you think? This one asked, curious.
– Now I finally realized why love is said to go through the stomach


Boxing Definition: Boxing means a lot of whites who look at two blacks.


Funny black jokes about blackjacks. Blacks do not play this game, only white people.


A black man in the North Train Station is walking with a parrot on his shoulder.
A gimmick asks:
– Speaks?
The parrot responds:
-I don’t know, I just received it from Africa yesterday!


Black people tell me the best joke:

Why are you so white man?

I don’ know

Because you can be seen better in darkness


Why do black people tell funny jokes?

Because they have a special black humor


What is the dark side of a black?

His jewelry


Great heat. The queue for refreshments. The last one in a row is black. A drunkard approaches him.
– Black joker, are you the last one?
– I’m not an alien. I’m black!


This is black humor!

Nobody knows very well when the first blacks jokes appeared. Those blacks jokes have certainly proven to be some of the most beloved of bankers. Even if they do not have much tangence with the subject, the Americans have invented enough blacks jokes, some even successful. Have a funny day with black humor.


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Black jokes can be found all over the internet, including on profile websites from abroad. Obviously, there is a camp for those who condemn those black jokes, but we must admit that there will always be someone who will say jokes with blacks and others who will laugh at them. Some of the best black jokes can be found in our selection.