Dumb Jokes

The dumb jokes stamped out


There are all kinds of jokes about all sorts of topics, so you can’t say that there is one that is not a reason to laugh. But, there are also those dumb jokes, which leave you surprised at first, and then you realize that you are laughing, even though those around you do not understand what is so funny.


Q: How do you hunt a rabbit?
A: The hunter hides in a bush and makes cabbage.


Q: What does an elephant and a zebra have in common?
A: Well, they both have the horn, except the zebra.


Q: What’s small, black, with two white dots and is dumb?
A: An flea that lives above a recording studio and sleeps with cotton wool in its ears


you are so dumb jokes


The bubble was dying, and death, nervous, crushed at him: “Get down dumb, you fat, pigs.”


In America, the successful film “Man rich, man poor”, in Russia, “Man poor, man poor”, and in Nigeria, the movie “Man lives, and man sees”.


A man was walking on the street and suddenly disappeared. Why dumb? Well, if his shoes get wet.


Best Dumb Jokes

It cannot be said that the world has become saturated with dumb jokes since some new ones still appear. Some of the most well-known dumb jokes also make up the selection below.

A dumb dad tells a kid a joke.

How kids come to the world, do you know?

Yes, that through a bird!


dumb dad jokes


A desperate man, running around and at one point, he addresses another man on the street – Don’t be angry! Tell me, please, where the bread factory is:
– I do not mind. It is right next to the garment factory.
– Alas, what good, and please tell me where the garment factory is.
– Where it is, next to the bread factory.


Increasingly nervous, the first asks:
– Alright me, but the bread and confectionery factory where I can find them?
– That’s easy, I’m next to each other!


Are you a fun of dumb jokes? This stupid jokes you will adore!


A bridesmaid tells the bridesmaid:
– You are dear to me!
She answers: – You are dear to me too!
– Let’s go for a walk, will you?
And they took the hand as dumb, and they took the hand, and they took the hand.


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A dumb blonde makes a joke:

Why I am blonde?

Because I have one neuron


– Little Johnny, why did you get to the hospital?
– You can see, I was walking through the woods when, at a given moment, I heard in the back: “Little, little.” I say to myself, “I’m shy, I’m not coming back.” I keep going, and I hear again: “Little, little.” I say, “I’m shy, I’m alone. I better not go back.”

I go for a while and hear again: “Little, little.” I say: “I’m shy, it’s dark, I’m alone. I’m not coming back.” After another piece of road, I hear again: “Little, little.” I say, “Whatever it is, I can no longer resist, now I return!” And, when there, what to see: Johnny still blows my head.


– Why is the stump always in one leg?
– He tried once to lift them both at the same time


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