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No doubt, you have heard that there are many benches on account of specific anatomical parts, but have you ever heard or read any jokes about the redneck?


A guy talks to his girlfriend via messenger:
– I would do anything for you. I would go through the fire, I would go big and strong.
– Oh, how cute. Don’t you want to come to me?
– No, because I have a cold, and it hurts my throat!


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Favorite jeff joke: A hungry mosquito sits on Dracula’s redneck and catches it. Dracula grabs him in the palm, looks at him, and says, “Never again, why are you naughty, and you don’t respect your father?”


A guy calls his friend during the night:
– Do you know what I’ve always wondered? How do tall people like you manage to sleep when it is clear that no blanket can cover them from the redneck to the feet?
The friend responds bulimic:
– Did you go crazy? It’s 4 in the morning, I want to sleep!
– Aha, so you can’t sleep? Is it because of the blanket?

You might be a redneck joke.

A woman goes to the doctor.
– Doctor, my family is worried because I like cashmere sweaters.
– I see nothing wrong with that. If I were a woman, I would also like a good cashmere pullover to stand on my redneck
– I’m glad you told me that! How do you like it: With or without ketchup?


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Jeff Foxworthy redneck jokes

Mary was crying near Ion’s coffin, holding him by “dear” throat:
– Ma, Joan, ma, why did you die, ma?
Come take me, too, John, don’t leave me alone here …
As she got closer to the coffin, Mary lit her skirt from the candles.
– Wait, me, John, it’s easy that I only joked, you can go alone, that I still have!


A man learned that his mother-in-law suffers from throat cancer. Wanting to know more details, he also calls Radio Yerevan: Can cancer die in the throat? Answer: Yes, the answer comes. But you know he doesn’t have one.


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A gypsy was upset about his life because he left Miranda and took the parades with her. He stays and thinks about what to do to ease his longing, and he can persuade Miranda to return to him, so he decides to hang himself in the park in the city center. Reach the destination, take a left, tie it to a branch, and throw it. Near him, a policeman stops and asks him:

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– What are you doing here?
– Look, boss, I want to hang myself!
– Well, not like me, paragliding, he gets on his redneck!
– Boss, I tried, but I ran out of the air and suffocated, so I better tie it to the middle!


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