Sports jokes

Interview with a coach after a 10-0 defeat:

Reporter: How do you comment on this devastating defeat?


Coach: What a devastating defeat? Our team did not lose the position in the standings after this match, so it is good.

Reporter: Well, you couldn’t lose the position in the standings because you are in the last place. What do you think supporters will have?


sports jokes


Coach: I don’t know what supporter you’re talking about because I didn’t see anyone in the stands.


Reporter: Your team is in relegation and has no support. How do you think you will get back?


Coach: I came back from last night, but the guys don’t seem to. All the defenders told me they had drinks, and the rest of the team think it was still a bit high from you know what: D


Reporter: How is that possible ?! Do you fight team and supporters?

Coach: The only thing I would have beaten this season would have been the drink we get from the sponsor if I hadn’t drunk. Now that I have cleared everything, I was expecting a bottle of beverage in the fridge.

sport short jokes


Going for a walk on a sport field it’s the best thing I done for my fitness


Funny sports jokes

Just burned ,000 calories. That’s the last time when I don’t eat


What’s the difference between rugby and politics? In rugby you’re out if you’re caught stealing.


Did you hear they don’t doing the “The Wave” at all sports events? Too many people don’t want to stay on their chairs.


What’s a favorite sport? Read Facebook News.


Why was Michaela banned from sports? Because she know to play

sports jokes


Why do football players do so well in bed? Because they know numbers


If procrastionation was an Olympic sport, It was a great competition


Refusing to go to the sport counts as a new training, right?


Why Super Bools is more popular that final? Because they run great ads


Why was the baseball player a bad sport? Because it not funny


Sports jokes for kids

Why can’t you play a sport game in the forest? Because there are many animals.


My sport opponent was not happy with goals. He kept returning it.


Where did the sportiv keep their balls? In their pants.


If a sport man will read this fat jokes, will laugh right now!


Tennis would be more intersting if womens don’t wear skirts


I am a profesional sportive at watching womens on street


The best sport in the world is to stay in your home and watching TV


Why did the football players cross the street? There are players from the bench..


I wear two pairs of pants when I jogging. My friends ask me why I do and I respond that I need two paints because I need to change after a run.


Best sport jokes

Do you thnik that triathlon it’s easy? Just try this sport and you will start to cry.


Dad, Dad, what’s going on with a footballer who doesn’t look good anymore?

My dear child, when the footballer does not see well, he becomes a referee.


Cristiano Ronaldo: God sent me to earth to learn the world of football and show them what I can do!

Messi: I didn’t send anyone for that.



During an event, a boxer entered the ring a bit dizzy and after only a few seconds immediately received a shot that sent him to the floor immediately, after which he tried to get up, but the coach shouted at him:


– Stay down until 8, the coach said.

The warrior whispering asks:

– And now what time is it?