7 types of healthy humor you can use it today

October 27, 2019
7 types of healthy humor you can use it today

Healthy humor is what brings you together. These types of jokes you make because you know that no one will judge you and you don’t need to keep your guard up when you are around one another. Healthy humor sparks the relationship and makes discussions with your partner more enjoyable. Healthy humor gives you addiction and both of you are constantly coming back for another chuckle.


  1. Self-irony

By making you sad and accepting your and your partner’s flaws with humorous humor, you manage to destine the atmosphere and make them understand that there is no point in anger. Recognize your mistakes in the game, and you will avoid conflicts that can degenerate.


  1. Little humor

When both of you dislike certain things, you can take the opportunity to make a series of unsuccessful jokes to the individual or situation that bothers you. Gossip, sprinkled with jokes meant to make you feel better, helps strengthen the relationship.


  1. Practical humor

When was the last time you made a mockery of your partner? These are the kind of events that you will always remember with pleasure. If you are as open, practical humor is the best way to keep the passion burning. He will definitely want to “punish” you for daring to play a party.


  1. Childish humor

Find funny nicknames, crush each other or pinch and run each other through the house, sprinkle with water or anything else reminiscent of childhood days. Leave your worries at the door and turn into spouses on spouses. The relationship will rejuvenate with you.


  1. The humor of the situation

When you are in an embarrassing situation in public, do not be fooled. Show your support for your partner by setting the atmosphere with a well-placed joke when you see them getting stuck and would rather go into shame.


  1. Humor with sexual temptation

It does not hurt to answer from time to time questions with answers that clearly have a double meaning, especially if the substrate is a sexual one. The surprise of such humorous answers keeps the desire burning.


  1. Empathic humor

When your partner is offended by an unfortunate event, raise your morale by telling him or her how bad or maybe even worse it is, giving him a funny note. Find something unfortunate that has happened to you, like the experience your partner goes through to make him feel better in his own skin, knowing that he is not the only bad guy.