Positive effects of Coronavirus on you!

March 20, 2020
Positive effects of Coronavirus on you!

Although the situation is not at all rosy, Covid19 has also generated some benefits that most of us enjoy. Although these are few we will list them in the following.


Birth Grows

In the next period for most couples they have to stay together long enough, inevitably they will arrive even more often in the bedroom. Just do not touch and stay away from each other for days.

It can be a good time to either recover the lost nights of love and to love yourself at the beginning of the relationship.

Obviously, making a child is optional, but you should also make provisions for condoms and not just food.


Time with your loved ones

Whether you are alone, in a relationship or have a family, at this time it would be best to cherish these moments of rest and to pay more attention to your loved ones. Spend as many beautiful moments with your parents, partner, wife or children. Make the most of these things because immediately after this period you will have to come back with fresh forces in the activity.


Become a child

I’m not saying give up being adults, I’m just saying that it’s a good time if you’re still quarantined, rediscover childhood games and have fun.

You can first try GTA, Fifa, CS Go, LOL and more.


More books

During this period you can read more … or not, but even so, you will have enough time to be able to read more and to recreate. You can use this period in your favor and develop yourself personally and professionally. Although the home state can be likened to a prison, taking into account the current situation, overcome this barrier and prepare for the next period.