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A guy jumps with a parachute and quickly approaches the Earth…

A majestic vulture approaches him in flight:
– Hi, dancer!
– I am not a dancer. I did not participate in my life at “Dancing for you”. I am a skydiver, and besides, I have no talent for dance!
To which the eagle smiles and tells him:
– Listen, don’t boast that much anymore. Just wait to see what cactus are down there !!! Talent will come immediately…


A hedgehog puppy tells a cactus that he just hit:
-Well, I found your mom!

cactus jokes


An American from New York visited his cousin living in the Arizona desert. At one point, a loud scream is heard. Frightened, he asks:
-What is this?
– Nothing, coyotes.
-But what are those coyotes?
– A kind of wild dogs living in the desert.
– And why the scream in this hall? Does an animal attack anything?
-No mention, it’s like you, only that we don’t grow trees, only cactus.


Two cactus, a He and a She discusses on the field:
– Do you love me at least a little, my darling aunt?
– Yes, I love you from all my.
– Then let’s call a bee!


Use your imagination to this cactus joke

Two shipwrecks hardly managed to reach a desert island.
– We are lost!
– Don’t worry, they find us!
– Believe?
– I’m sure! I owe over $ 100 million because I invested in a cactus plantation!


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A grandmother sits on the market and sells cactus.
– Apples, apples, raised in Chernobyl.
A guy comes up and says:
– No more days that I have apples from Chernobyl, who will buy them? Everyone sees that they are actually cactus…
– Buy, mom, don’t worry, even buy. Some for the boss, others for the mother-in-law…


– Alinutza, did you see the red vase on which a cactus was drawn?
– Yes, I threw it.
– Why?
– Because it had a big hole in it, and it was no longer useful.


A friend sees Nigel very angry:
– Why are you upset, Giggle?
– Because of my wife.
– Did he do anything to you?
– Be careful! A neighbor gave me an expensive pot with an even more expensive cactus, to take care of it until he comes on leave.
– And what is your wife doing with this?
– He went into the room, screaming and dropped the pot in my hand.


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When you first hear cactus jokes, you’re a little upset. Without a doubt, you would not think that there were jokes with cactus. But here, the inventiveness of people has overcome this time, and those cactus jokes are a good example.


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