Good jokes

If you want to read some good jokes this is the place, so let’s start.

A good man tell to his woman:

  • Do you want go out to a dinner tonight?
  • No, I cooked today some spicy chicken curry
  • Ohhh, you want to make experiments on my? No, let’s go out to an indian restaurant


So, do you want to pull my finger out? Yes!



Knock, knock!

How is there?



Best car ever? Not exist! It is a subiectve question because we have different tastes about cars.

How do you say “Good morning” in german language: “Guten morgen”

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Good clean jokes

A lady goes to shopping:

Give me a short red dress slim fit

The shopper say:

– OK, do you want measure XXL?




A bus stop into a station and the travelers exit. He start the bus and from behind an woman scream:

  • Hey! Heeeey! I left my bag with money!

And the bud driver keep his road.



A friend ask for the better jokes from his colleagues.

– OK, let me tell you a good joke: Yesterday night I was at your wife…

– Ha, ha, ha, really good joke.


During the hour of religion the teacher held a lesson: