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Maria is on the deathbed:
– Itzik, I have to confess something to you. The boy, the boy, is not yours.
– But who did you make it with?
– With the student who hosted us 10 years ago.
– But … how did you convince him?
– I paid him money from your account.
– Well then, why do you say it’s not mine?


– What do the Jews do in the summer, when there are high temperatures outside?
– They get closer to the fan.
– And if the outside is very, very hot?
– I start crying, and then I start it.

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Racist jew jokes

An American, a German, a Jew, and a black were starving in the jungle. At one point, from a tree, a killer falls on the American. Scarbit, he throws it back on the floor. The nation casts the Jew on the Jew, the Jew on the black. Hungry, the black man takes it and eats it. After a quarter of an hour, another American falls. The Jew hurries, takes it, and asks the black man: Don’t you buy a killer?


Q: Now, without Jewish jokes, do you know what the difference is between a wealthy Jew and a poor Jew?
A: The poor man drives that red convertible Ferrari alone.


A jew makes a racist joke.

How to you know if a jew is a jew?

He is a banker


Hitler consults his personal astrologer and asks him when he will die. He, after analyzing all the data, tells him:
– You will pass on a Jewish holiday!
– How is that possible?
– Well, any day you will die, the Jews will all celebrate!


Q: What is love?
A: A notion invented by the Jews so that they can make love without paying.


Funny jew jokes

jew jokes

Q: Who invented the wire?
A: Two friends, a Jew, and a Scot were found a penny in front of the house.


Q: How many Jewish jokes are there?
A: Not even one, all are real facts.


Make love, not racism. Read also french jokes.

Three Jews started a business, but the problem was that they had shops nearby. Full of ideas, the first one puts on his store a huge poster that says: “Here you find the best quality products!”. The second one has not left out anymore, and his poster says: “Here they are bought at the lowest prices!”. The third did not invest too much in his sign, so he does not have too many words, just: “This is where you enter!”


An alien lands on Earth. He is small, green and dressed in gold, and at one point, he meets a Romanian. Surprised, the novel asks the alien:
– Are you all that small there?
– Yes.
– Are you all green?
– Yes.
– Are you all dressed in gold?
– Not all, only the Jews.


Moses returns from the mountain with the commandments and speaks to his people:
– I have two news items for you, one good and one bad. Fortunately, the Creator was willing to negotiate, and in the end, only 10 commandments remained on the list. The bad news is that “Don’t cheat on your partner” has remained unchanged. A collection of Jewish dark humor that will make you a happy day.


Bad jew jokes

Q: Why did the Jews miss 40 years in the desert?
A: Moses had lost his wallet.

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