Little Johnny Jokes

– Lipstick.


Little johnny, dressed in four needles and a bold, in a pharmacy and asks pharmacists:
– Do you have fish?
– But sir, do you not see that there is a pharmacy here?
– I do not care. I asked you if you have fish!
– No, we have no fish!
– Well, then, today I am your fish.


Dirty little Johnny jokes

Mom to his kid:

Johnny you come dirty from football

Yes, of course, this was a great day, I score 3 goals and I was the man of the match.

OK, through your dirty clothes and I will clean them.


Maria: – Little Johnny, honey, there are some of our neighbors who say about me that I am overweight!
Little Johnny: – Dear kid, don’t pay attention to it. Come on, take two chairs and come to me to watch the movie!


Always immortal … little johnny jokes

Everybody heard at least one littleJohnny jokes. There are so many that it is impossible for anyone to claim that he knows them all, especially since little johnny jokes always appear. We also have a selection of jokes with Johnny, only good to make you laugh on saturates.

– Mom, do the hens drink gas?
– No, Johnny! But how did that idea come to you?
– Well then why are eggs being expensive how many times is it announced on TV that gas is expensive?

Little johnny enters the wave-swirl in a sex shop and, after spinning around an inflatable doll for about 15 minutes, asks the seller:
– When is it manufactured?
The seller checks in the computer and answers:
– January 10, 2019.
– Oh, no! Capricorn, no! Aries do you have?

– Grandpa, what are you doing on the computer?
– I’m watching a historical movie, Johnny.
– You see you’re wrong, this is a porn movie …
– Eee, granddaughter, it’s history to me!

Bubulina, newly married, goes to tears with her mother and cries to break the shirt on her: