5 mistakes that people face when they say jokes

October 23, 2018
5 mistakes that people face when they say jokes

Dumbbells are a way for people to relax, to provoke a well-being of others, to amuse or relieve the atmosphere of a group and not only. However, during the complaint, I certainly encountered people who are not inclined to a funny, and when they said half, they created more nerves than smiles.
A good joke can change the situation and smile on the faces of many people in just a few minutes, but they can also have negative effects. A bad joke can cause less damage than you could imagine.’

1. Goes to a person
The jokes of a man within a group are the most dangerous and, as far as possible, should be avoided. The person to whom a joke is made may feel injured or annoyed if the joke feels bad.
We recommend avoiding such a diary and resorting to those that do not refer in any way to people around you.’

2. Intoning and how to say a joke
As I say, not all people are able to say half and more, not all of them can say half and make others like it. Tasting, gestures and how it is presented can very easily control, but at the same time a joke loses its effect if it is not as it should be.
I saw many people saying jokes, but they did not rejoin the smile.’

3. Political or religious gossip
The two topics are very sensitive, and if you have around people very faithful or supportive of a party, we recommend avoiding them, so do not get into the controversy.
Each dog is a certain opinion in terms of political organizations and religion, and a joke can stir more nerves than a smile.

4. Good guys in inappropriate moments
A joke is very good, if it is subject to a specific context. If you are in the church or in a setting that requires a certain attitude, it is not advisable to begin to tell the oath of others. Pay attention to these details in order not to give it to the bar.

5. Set a limit
Another mistake many people make is the limit of common sense that is often overcome. Each person has a degree of supportability regarding the jungle to their own person.
Be very careful in the jungle you say and to whom, because not every person has the sense of humor developed, and the overcoming of the common sense threshold can make his situation happen.

Pay attention to the 5 errors listed above and try to keep them in mind at all times. Cats jokes are said in a more pleasant way, in the context of care care allows for half the more their impact will be much greater.

Choose the best journalists and tell the others, and the smiles will surely appear on everyone’s faces!