Ginger jokes

Have you ever met a ginger girl?

Honestly, I would like your answer to be NO and I will tell you about it.

Some time ago I was sitting on Tinder and I was trying to hang on to a girl and I kept saying that I loved everyone.


Still giving heart, even without looking I see a match. When I look closely, I was super like from a ginger girl. She was beautiful and I said, let’s write to her.

While typing a message to impress girls (“Hello! What are you doing?”)

I get a huge message from her:

“Hi, my name is Ariana!


Funny ginger jokes

Ever since I saw you I have fallen in love and love you immensely.

I am excited for the knowledge, but I would like to know that:

  • I do not meet nonsense
  • I don’t like glasses
  • Do not go to meetings
  • If you are arrogant we will not talk because I do not support the arrogant
  • I have a BMW, so if you have another brand of car we do not fit
  • I support gender equality, and if you want to be the alpha male, you gave wonder women and wonder women accept no dominant man
  • If you get this message it means that there is nothing serious and you have no chance to be together! “


ginger short jokes

Moral: Ginger girls are worse than brunettes and more pretentious than blondes, so stay away!

What do you call a tall redhead?

A gingeraffe.


What’s the difference between terrorists and redheads?

You can negotiate with terrorists.


What’s the difference between blondes and redheads women in bed?


What do you call a woman who knows anytime where her husband is every night?

A redhead.


What do you call a beautiful looking man with a redhead?

A hostage.


How do you can start an argument with a redhead?

Say something.



What do you call a redhead with a good attitude?


red head jokes


Why do redheads take the pill?

Wishful thinking.



What’s the difference between gingers and bricks?

A brick gets laid.



What’s the advantage of blondes over redheads?

You can safely ignore a blonde.



What do you call a redheaded ninja?

A ninja.



Why are the Harry Potter films unrealistic?

The ginger kid has two friends.




What’s red and white and peels?

A ginger trying to tan..




What’s a redhead’s favorite drink?

Ginger Ale.



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How do redheads reach orgasm?

On their own.

funny ginger jokes



Why did God invent color blindness?

So someone would love redheads.



How is a redhead like a tennis racquet?

They’re both highly-strung.



What’s the best thing about being ginger?

At least you know you weren’t adopted.


Redhead ginger jokes


My wife told me to prepare our son for his first day of school.

He’s a ginger so I punched him in the face and stole his lunch money.



What do redheads and razor-wire have in common?

Handle both with care.


My girlfriend is pregnant, and yesterday we went to the first ultrasound together.


“At this stage everything looks absolutely fine,” said the obstetrician.


As I looked at the fuzzy black and white image, I was elated and relieved, but also confused at the same time.


How did they know it’s not ginger?



What’s the difference between gingers and roadkill?


There are skid marks in front of the roadkill.


Q.How do you get redhead’s mood to change quikly?

Wait 10 seconds.


What do redheads make for dinner?



Best ginger jokes

Why do guys date blondes?

All the redheads are taken.


How do you call a ginger in a blonde room?

The invisible woman


A blonde with long legs enters the bus and steps on a dwarf over her ears:

– Hey, redhead, be more careful.

– I’m blonde, not redhead.

– I see better from below!


Myth: Gingers have no soul. They have the heart of ice

Fact: Ginger gets one freckle for every soul they stole.


If you are in a relationship with a ginger, you will not be able to separate from her but she will separate from you.


Today I was walking through the mall and from a distance I heard a man crying. I go to see what happens and how he cries, and at that moment I see a ginger girl next to him. Then I understood why she was crying!



Q: What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

A: Have a baby with red hair.


A ginger, brunette, and a blond are stranded on an island when they find a lamp

The Genie appears and offers to grant them each 1 wish.

The ginger wishes for a fully manned cruise ship to appear and sail herself off the island.

The brunette wishes for a private jet pilot to appear and flys herself off the island.

And the blond feeling somewhat lonely says “You know I wish my friends were all back here, I miss them”.