Read this and you will laugh for sure!

July 19, 2018
Read this and you will laugh for sure!

The jokes about overweight people are brilliant. Because there are so many people who want to lose weight and fail to do anything about it, these people are teased with jokes that are funny.

We are confident that fat people get angry at jokes, but this will never stop.


Your mother is so fat that she laughs with her lipstick.


Your mother is so fat that when he got on the scale he said, “Please, one by one!”


A fat boy goes into a fitness hall and asks the coach:

What is the best device to impress a girl?

Coach: – ATM.


– What month to marry, October or November?

– November, obviously!

– Why?

– You’re winning a month.


Two trainers discuss:

– Twenty years on end I dealt with the training of fleas. Now I went to the elephants.

– Why?

– I have a little trouble with my eyes


The psychiatrist draws a triangle and asks the patient:

– What does this drawing suggest?

– Empty women!

Then draw a circle:

– But what does that figure suggest?

– Empty women!

Draw a square:

– But this?

– Empty women!

– I see you have a fixed idea with naked women!

– I have a fixed idea? Who drew all these obscenities ?!

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