Successful pick up lines

July 19, 2018
Successful pick up lines

Pick up lines have been used for a very long time, practically ever since the world, and they are part of the easiest way to hang a girl and convince her to say yes. Sometimes things make sense especially second time. People change, you change, and the universe is changing, and if we only keep up with the first chances, we will really lose some of the most beautiful moments and things in life.

Here are some of the most funny, successful pick up lines:

• Are you a magician? Because you make my heart beat again.

• I am not a photographer, but I can see that we already have a good time

• I know you? Yes, I was waiter at the restaurant where you eat.

• I find my heart! Where? At you!

• Are you sure that you want to be with me? Not really…

• Is there an airport nearby I want to be close to you

• There is only one thing I want to share about you, and this is your family name.

• Do you believe in love at first glance or do I have to go again?


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