You need a diet? Check this jokes

July 17, 2018
You need a diet? Check this jokes

Diets are a taboo topic for those who want to lose weight,

it is all the more fun that there are many people starting certain diets,

but they do not manage to get them done because they are tempted to eat sweets or consume juices.

On the expense of dieters there are a lot of jokes that are delicious.



At school:

-What are the vegetarians, children?

Billy: Vegetarians are people who do not eat the animals but leave them without food.


2 friends said:

– Since I moved with my girlfriend, we’ve both decided to do the shopping one at a time. One day she, one day I, one day she, one day I … and so on.

– Cool. And what’s the difference?

– Well, one day we eat, one day we drink, one day we eat, one day we drink …


I was last night at a vegetarian restaurant, and before I leave I ask the waiter:

– How was the table, sir?

“Wonderful …” I replied. My Compliments to the gardener.

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