For people who like dark humor

July 15, 2018
For people who like dark humor

Dark humor is unique in its style. If we normally hear funny jokes that do not offend anyone, black humor has sadistic, exaggerated jokes and can cause you a bad state.

Black humor is not for everyone, but it is funny but also shocking at the same time.


The director of a cemetery calls a representative of a motorcycle company:

– How many motorcycles have you sold in the last week?

– Five pieces.

– It means one is still walking …


Honeymoon ends, young wife complains to her mother:

– Mom, I already had the first serious family quarrel.

– Do not worry, my dear, this happens in any marriage.

– Yes mother, what about the body?


– What would Michael Jackson do now if he was alive?

– He would make a big hole to get out of the coffin.

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