Why to tell a joke to your friends

July 21, 2018
Why to tell a joke to your friends

If you draw a collective portrait of our compatriots, relying on jokes, the image will prove ugly: dissidence, sadism, anti-semit, etc. But we are not afraid of this, but we are amused. Why do people say jokes? The answer is quite philosophical. A joke teaches us something and very simple things. And do not make it boring. About the first preachers did the same. Through a short and funny story, religious wisdom was transmitted more quickly and better.

To say a joke, it took some civic courage. And this courage unanimously revealed the whole of mankind. If at that moment someone had the idea of ​​doing something like a bargaining code of conduct for a man, regardless of the nation, the second element would include an honorable duty to say jokes. And the first place would be to believe in the ideals of the happenings.

For example, communism has fallen, but jokes have remained. The joke has had a very strong impact on the speech culture during the communist era. Even the usual conversation between people was often a joke, so it was not clear whether a person joked or talked seriously. The joke can receive classic quote status, worthy of daily use.

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