Try this word games with your friends

July 23, 2018
Try this word games with your friends

The use and perception of the most stylistic devices require a person who has a good knowledge of the language and a certain level of education. But there is also such a stylistic device for perception, especially whose use requires erudition and ingenuity. These word games are a phenomenon existing in all European languages. Examples of pieces can be found in Shakespeare’s abundance, in world literature, in poetry poems of the nineteenth century.

A word game based on ambiguity has generated deliberate or involuntary homonymy or sound similarity and causes the comic effect. At the same time, to make an impression, word games must be unknown in word games. It’s a special case of word games.

Despite the simplicity of the joke, she, dressed in a play of words, often acquires a touch of light irony with elements of philosophy. By grasping and understanding the game, it’s sometimes hard to tell why it was so funny. The point is that the game, from linguistics, is a very complicated mechanism. The word game mechanism’s necessary elements are whole linguistic phenomena (homonymy, patronymic, polysemy). And, knowing the composition of a particular word, it is tough to analyze it. It is often difficult to determine the boundaries of a word game.

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