Smooth pick up lines

Smooth pick up lines for her or guys

My mother has always told me to look for a strong, thoughtful, beautiful, tall, blond woman with a beautiful and big smile, and you fulfill all the things that my mother wants from the future daughter-in-law.

What are you doing here at this hour on the bank, when you should be with me for a juice?

If I told you I’m an alpha and you’re a beta, do you think we can be part of the same family?


-Who forms a Lion and a Lioness?

-A couple?!

-Exactly, something we can form.


Short smooth pick up lines

Do you think that if I could fly, I would go into space to bring you a star to offer you?

I don’t know if you are alone, but I would really like to be closer to you. Can you tell me if there is a house or apartment for rent near you?