Joke of the day

Are you looking for the joke of the day? Great because today is the best day to read this jokes:

An cicada tell to an ant:

  • I sing all the summer, all the forest know me, I am famous, I am the best musician
  • Great! I will see what you will do at autumn and winter.


  • Today is my day!


  • Happy birthday!


Do you know why lions are the kings of the jungle?

Because they have crown!


Do you know why a marriage is the best thing for you?

My neither…


How you refuse a proposal of marriage?

Tell him: I will think about that


In this days a joke is to go on the street and be your self, with the phone in your hands, headphones and sadness in your face. Read this on your cell phone and rise your eyes to the sky.


Two construction workers, working on scaffolding at the front of a building, talk to each other:

– Tell me, how did you know your wife?

– We were colleagues at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

– What college ?! Stop lying!

– Yeah, I was a maintenance craftsman and she sold juices to the kiosk!


– Jessica, you smoke? Since?

– From that night, when my husband returned from the delegation earlier and found a cigar in the ashtray.



– Hello, I want a job.

– We have something very well paid, but it’s a lot of work.